Download Tine 2.0

You would like to test or develop Tine 2.0? No problem!

Stable: Collin (2013.10.5)
Codename: Collin (Releasenotes) download
Releasedate: 2014/02/12
Package String: 2013.10.5 (Changelog)
Tine 2.0 (required) (Installations-HowTo) tar.bz2 zip
VoIP Integration for Tine 2.0 (optional) (HowTo)tar.bz2zip
Human Resources for Tine 2.0 (optional)tar.bz2zip
Inventory for Tine 2.0 (optional)tar.bz2zip
SHA1 hashs for all filestxt


You can also install Tine 2.0 on your Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora server. The current stable version is always available in our repository. See the Tine 2.0 wiki for Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora install instructions.


Here you can find applications and addons contributed by the Tine 2.0 community.

SimpleFAQ by Patrick Ryser

Version: 8.0 (2013.10.5)
Compatible with: Collin (2013.10)
Forum post (in german): Neue FAQ App für Tine zum Download

Sipgate by Alexander Stintzing

Version: 2.0 (2013.10.5)
Compatible with: Collin (2013.10)
Forum post (in german): Sipgate API

Stable: Kristina (2013.03.8)
Codename: Kristina (Releasenotes) download
Veröffentlicht am: 2013/09/19
Paket Name: 2013.03.8 (Changelog)