Hi! Great that you are interested in the Tine 2.0org Community Project.

Tine 2.0org is an open source project, which is initiated and sponsored by Metaways, concerning everything about the
Tine 2.0 Groupware Solution. In conjunction with you, a committed and motivated community, we would like with this project to support and improve free software and to constantly develop it further. Read more about Tine 2.0org

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Community exchange


Tine 2.0 download


You will find the documentaion here!

community project

Information on the project!


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Fresh information about newest developments!

Critical security update for Tine 2.0

Fri, 14.02.2014

On Tuesday a critical security vulnerability has been discovered in an internal code review. The Tine 2.0 team has promptly taken care of this gap and provides a security update for all users....[more]

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