Open Source by Metaways

Tine 2.0 is 100% open source!

We firmly believe in the quality and self-assertive power of open source software. That is why our software is open source – now and also in the future.

Our community version is available free of charge to you under Tine 2.0org. In this way we want to ensure that Tine 2.0org is accessible to as many users as possible, and that the cooperation between people worldwide is simplified and improved. Tine 2.0org is the collective effort of an open source community. This community is solely under an obligation to itself, and it serves neither the interests of companies nor those of individuals. We are convinced that cooperation in such a community is the best precondition for the emergence of a sophisticated and high-quality software.

The Tine 2.0org community consists of many voluntary helpers, who bring their individual talents and ideas to its development, who constantly check the source code and who are always giving feedback to the community of developers. All the participants in this process of cooperation create a unique product, which becomes a little bit better every day. Metaways also sees itself as part of this community and actively supports it with resources (within the framework of the forum, wiki, blogs, and community events etc.)

It is standard practice for many suppliers to offer reduced software versions free of charge as part of the scope of supply. In this way they want to entice customers into the full version, which then of course has to be paid for. Tine 2.0 is always the full version!

With Tine 2.0org there are neither enticing offers nor unwelcome surprises. In addition to this, every user is automatically able to enjoy the pleasure of all the Tine 2.0org updates - of course without any charge whatsoever.
The maintenance of a release however runs for a maximum of 6 months.