Everything about Tine 2.0org Community Project.

What is Tine 2.0org about?

Tine 2.0org is an open source project, which is initiated and sponsored by Metaways, concerning everything about our Tine 2.0 Groupware Solution. With Tine 2.0org we would like, in conjunction with you as a motivated and committed community, to support and improve a free software project and to constantly develop it further. We see ourselves as part of this community and will support you actively. It does not matter whether you would personally like to exchange ideas with our core team at a community event or whether you would prefer to communicate with us via wiki, forum or blog – Community cooperation is always at the forefront for us.

How can I take part?

We have published Tine 2.0org  under version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). This means that the code is freely accessible to you.

There are however a few rules of the game when it comes to using open source software:

  • Everyone can have a look at the code
  • Everyone can change the code
  • All changes must be published again
  • There are no claims on support or against the open source project
  • The community supports itself mutually
  • Everyone gives his/her best, but there is no claim to anything
  • The maintenance of a release runs for a maximum of 6 months

Would you therefore like

  • to use Tine 2.0org yourself and develop it further for you?
  • to become an active part of the community?
  • that other community members help you with any questions you have?

You would like to...

  • use Tine 2.0 for company purposes
  • engage our all-round-carefree-hosting-package
  • work with the latest version
  • ask for support from our team of developers? 
    • Then visit www.tine20.com and have a look at our attractive packages.